Monday, August 14, 2017

Premeditated conduct / 確信犯 Aug. 13

I went to bed real late last night.  I planned to sleep in this morning...though I couldn't.

First,  my furry kids came to me to wake me up as usual.

"It's still early...let me sleep at least one more hour."  I went back to sleep.

I was half asleep and started hearing some arguing...

Then "WOOF!!" Mato barked.

"What!? No barking, Mato!"... I could only say that and I buried my face in the pillow again.

I heard the arguing again (it's actually just this whining sounds they make which sounds like they are talking to each other. lol )

Then Mato's "WOOF!" again.

"Hey! NO BARKING!" I had no choice but to get up.  I realized that they were arguing over a toy.

You guys had to do it right next to me!?!?!?!

There's another bedroom.  There's a living room.  There's a kitchen.  All of them are vacant and available.

But you had to choose the exact room where I was sleeping... probably did it on purpose in order to get me up :(((  Smart butts.

夜更かしをしたので 今朝は寝坊する予定だったのに・・・起こされた。

まずは "朝だよ〜" って近くに来る2人。

"いや まだ早いからあと1時間寝かせて" って寝に入る私。

なんだか 言い争いが聞こえる・・・。

と思ったら Matoが吠えた。

"なに!? 吠えないぞ〜!!" と注意するのがいっぱいいっぱいで そのまままた寝に入る。


そして 吠えるMato。

"これー!!吠えんなぁ〜" ってやっと起きて見たら どうやらおもちゃの取り合いをしてたらしい。


隣のベッドルームでもリビングでもキッチンでも空いてる部屋はいくらでもあるのに わざわざ私の横で。

わざとだべ。マミーを起こすためにわざとだべ! 確信犯め!!!

I was so tired...but our morning walk was done.  I wanted them to run more but it started to rain so we eventually had to come home quick.

グダグダだったけど なんとか朝んぽ終了。いっぱい走り回って欲しかったけど 途中から雨が降って来ちゃったから 早めにお散歩切り上げて帰って来たよ。

I was gonna take a nap on the sofa before I went to work in the afternoon.  Look what I found!

They were so satisfied with everything they did this morning, getting up early, waking up mommy early, taking a walk and the breakfast, so that they were already taking a nap!

Pay back time!!! ;p

もうちょっと寝ようかなってソファに横になろうと思ったら なにこのヒトタチ!!!

早起きしてマミーを叩き起こして散歩へ行って ご飯食べて満足してすでに昼寝ですよ。



  1. 3Dスタンプ...Mato

    1. ダーーーッハッハッハッハッハ!!!