Tuesday, August 8, 2017

Tonight's moon / 今宵の月は Aug. 07

The moon looked very big tonight!

We were on the way home from our an hour night walk and I looked back somehow.

There it was, beautiful patterned sky with clouds covering the moon :)


夜の散歩を1時間くらいして家に帰っている時に ふと振り返ったら雲がかかって不思議な空模様〜( ^∀^)


Our 3 weeks vacation was over.  Daddy and I started to work again today.

The last couple of days of the vacation I deliberately became a lazy couch potato in order to enjoy the last bit of it...except on our usual walks!

That's why I didn't post anything int the last couple of days.

Kaya and Mato have been playing and chasing each other a lot whenever we take off the leash.

When we were taking the night walk tonight, we went to 2 different dog parks and they enjoyed chasing and running at both parks.





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