Wednesday, August 2, 2017

Mommy's birthday / マミーの誕生日

The second day in Dalarna, 29th of July, was my birthday ;)

I wanted a nice photo with my kids for the special occasion.

And look at their happy faces :(

Yep, they don't like getting photos taken.


ので 記念にうちの子たちとパシャり。

写真嫌いだからねぇ〜 顔がすっぱいねぇ〜(笑)

I wanted it to be  a laid-back birthday but since we had guests with Simba's family, we went out for a while.

First, we went to Nusnäs where the Dala horse factories and shops were.

Kaiya had been here before but it was the first time for Mato.

ゆったりしたかったけど シンバの家族がお客さん連れだったからちょいとお出かけ。


Kaiyaは来たことあるけど Matoは初めてだね。

Mato (front)     Kaiya (behind)

So beautiful.  When they are lined up like this, it makes me want them all ;p

こんだけいろんな色のダーラヘストが並んでると めちゃめちゃ綺麗で全部欲しくなっちゃう!w

After Nusnäs, we visited the grave of Simba's grandma's husband.  The view from there was outstanding.

I wanted to take photos with these two but you can tell how hard it is, right?  ;p

そのあとはお墓まいりに行って景色が綺麗だから写真撮りたかったのに 写真嫌いな2人に悪戦苦闘w

Kaiya (left)      Mato (right)

At night, Simba's family and, of course, Kaiya, Mato and daddy celebrated me with a handmade cake with lots of berries :))) Thanks guys!!

夜はベリーいっぱいの手作りケーキでお祝いしてもらったよぉ〜! みんなありがとぉねぇ〜( ^∀^)


  1. マミー、誕生日おめでとう!KAIYAもMATOも、パーティーに同席して、マミーの誕生日を祝ってあげたかい? ふたりともマミーと一緒に、一日一日楽しく過ごしな。

    1. おじちゃん ありがとぉ!! 2人ともいつもマミーと一緒に過ごしてマミーをハッピーにしてくれるよぉ〜!毎日が誕生日!♪( ´θ`)ノイエイ!