Saturday, September 2, 2017

Run like crazy / 森でひとっ走り Sep. 01

This is our morning routine now.  We meet Chilli and his mom Carina at the dog park.  After a while when the dogs look like they wanna go further, we take a walk together ;))

毎朝シリィと飼い主のカリーナにドッグランで待ち合わせをしてるかのように会って しばらくしたら一緒にお散歩をして回る ってのが最近の朝の習慣( ^∀^)
Kaiya (left)        Mato (middle)    Chilli (right)

I took them for the afternoon walk today instead daddy who had to work!

We had a loooong one again...over 2 hours ;)

And stopped at the woods we usually go to and let them run a bit!




To the lake after running.  Hydration!


It's was warm today especially when we took a walk.  Kaiya went in the water when I threw a twig...just to where only her paws got wet.

今日は暖かかったしね 棒を投げ入れたらKaiyaも水入ったぜぃ。足先だけだけど(´-ω-`)
Mato (left)                              Kaiya (right)

This guy doesn't hesitate to go into the water as much as Kaiya... But he only goes to where it's not too deep that his tummy doesn't really touch the water.

このヒトはグイグイ入ってく。お腹が浸かるか浸からないかの深さまでだけど( ̄∀ ̄)

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