Monday, September 25, 2017

Trattisar / トラッティサー Sep. 25

Yesterday I finally had a day off and I went for mushroom picking!

I went with Simba's mom and dad this time...very thankful for them for driving ;)

Unfortunately, Kaiya, Mato and Simba stayed home since we were for sure that they would get lots of ticks...especially Simba. 

昨日は久しぶりのお休みで キノコ狩りリベンジ!




Morning walk first before we went for mushroom picking.


We were at a park by Simba's apartment and look who's here!

公園で遊んでたら シンバが来たー!!!

Both Kaiya and Mato were super happy to see Simba!!

Mato & Simba & Kaiya

Mato & Simba & Kaiya

Simba & Mato

Mato usually gets growled at by Simba but he likes Simba so much that he doesn't care about it. ;p

He loves to lick Simba's mouth and teeth when Simba's growling. lol

Matoなんて シンバにガウガウ言われてるのに そんなことは関係なく とにかくシンバ大好き(笑)

シンバがガウガウ言ってる横から シンバの口&歯をぺろぺろするのが大好き(笑)
Simba & Mato

Mato & Simba

Mato & Simba & Kaiya

For the mushroom picking, we went to the woods in Ekerö, about half an hour drive from where we live.

キノコ狩りはと言うと 家から車で30分くらい行った Ekerö(エーケロー)と言うところにある森へ。

We found the mushrooms pretty quick!

It's Trattkantarell or funnel chanterelle.


Trattkantarell(トラットカンタレル)  通称 Trattisar(トラッティサー)。

We found this, too!  It's called Blomkålssvamp, I think, or Cauliflower fungus.

I heard that it tasted really good but I wasn't really sure if this is the right one so I only took a photo of it. ;)

こんなキノコも。多分Blomkålssvamp(ブロムコールススバンプ) 直訳するとカリフラワー茸 日本語だとハナビラタケだって。

これ食べるとすんごっく美味しいらしいけど 本当にこれか確信がなかったから取らずに写真だけ(^^;)

We were walking around in the woods for 3 to 4 hours and got a lot of Trattisar!!!...or I should say I was able to pick only this kind because I'm not familiar with other kinds of mushrooms. lol

3〜4時間森をウロウロして とにかくたくさんのTrattisarが採れたー!!! と言うかキノコに詳しくないからこれしか採取できず(笑)

It was really fun finding them and picking them in the woods but cleaning it was pain in the butt.

I sat for a couple of hours just checking bugs and cleaning them after I came home in order to dry them :(((

森で見つけて採ってる時はめちゃくちゃ楽しいけど 帰って来て綺麗にするのがきつかった〜。

乾燥させるために 数時間1人でひたすら虫がいないかチェック&綺麗にしてたよぉ(T ^ T)


  1. キノコッ! キノコッ!
    マミー 僕たちのはあるの MATO~!!
    マミーが忘れるわけ無いでしょ Kaiya~!!

  2. ヨーロッパの人々は、キノコをよく食べると、聞いているけれど、キノコを使って、どんな料理を作るんだろうかな?興味津々!ヨーロッパの人々の生活の一端を見られるような気がするから!!

    1. キノコの種類にもよるんだろ〜けど バターソテーとかスープに入れたり ソースに使ったり 色々するんじゃないかなぁ〜。ちなみに私はクリーミーなスープを作ったよぉ〜!