Wednesday, September 27, 2017

Nose work (step.2) 1 / ノーズワーク(ステップ2) 1 Sep. 26

We went to the Nose Work class again!!

But we were done with step 1 so this one was the first class of step 2.

Kaiya's having her heat soon so Mato and I were taking the class this time! (I'd already asked and had been approved by the instructor to come with Mato instead since I'd been training him at home, too.)

Just Mato and mommy going out together...this doesn't happen often ;)

レベル1が終わったので 今回はレベル2のクラス。

Kaiyaさんがそろそろヒートになりそうなので 今回からMatoとクラスに通いまぁ〜す!(トレーナーさんには前回のクラスの時に確認済みで 家でMatoもトレーニングしてたからMatoを連れて来てもオッケーもらってました。)


Well, Mato can be mean and bark or growl at other boys so we got partitions and waited here until our turn to do the exercises.

I'd informed about Mato's behavior toward other dogs so they made this arrangement :)

He couldn't see others but there were lots of other dogs' smells and sounds... he was pretty excited whole the time.

Matoくんはちょっと他の男の子にガウガウになりがちだから 仕切りの中で待機です。

このクラスを申し込む時にMatoのガウの旨を伝えておいたので こういう配慮をしてもらえました!

他のワンちゃんたちが見えないけど 匂いはするし音も聞こえるから 興奮が止まらない〜。

We were separated into 2 groups in the class.

Mato, who gets too excited to boys, was with two girls.

At first, we did the line up method training.

The target odor is in one of the holes and other smell such as coffee, tea, etc. are in the other holes to see if dogs can identify the right one among other odors.

クラスは2グループに別れて トレーニング。



ターゲット臭の入った穴が一つ そして他の穴にはコーヒーやティーパックなどの臭いのするものが入ってて 他の臭いに惑わされないでターゲット臭を当てれるかの練習。

Mato who'd been training at home, did such a good job as Kaiya finding the target and telling me of it.

After this exercise, we did couple more different exercises.  It was fun and time went so fast!

Next week, we gonna switch target odor from eucalyptus to bay laurel.

I can't wait for next week :))))

お家で練習してたから MatoもKaiyaに負けないくらい 上手にターゲット臭を見つけて伝えることができたよぉ〜!


来週はターゲット臭をユーカリから 月桂樹に変えるんだって!



  1. MATO すごいね~良くできたね~ papa~!!
    当然でしょう ... MATO~!!