Friday, May 1, 2015


Today, April 30th is what it's called Valborg in Swedish.

It's the day to celebrate the arrival of the spring.

It seems like this day is more to do with religion in other European countries though.

Swedish tradition on this day is to have bonfires 

and you can find public events in big parks with bonfires.

I actually have never been to one because I always worked on April 30th.

I got off work early today so Kaiya and I went to one of events that's held in the nearest park.

.....guess what!? I totally forgot that events were not Kaiya's favorite things.

Oh yes, she refused to go when we were close to enough to hear a lot of people at the site.

She got soooo scared....

It took such a long time to come this close in the photo.

Today we weren't with daddy who always carried her around when she got scared.

So we just sit there and calmed her down.

今日4月30日は Valborg(ヴァルボーリ)という春の行事がある日


スウェーデンでは 春の訪れを祝う行事みたい



こっちに来てからいっつも仕事だったから 一回も行ったことなかったんだよねぇ〜

今日は早上がりだったから Kaiya連れて家から一番近くのイベント会場へ


ということで めちゃめちゃビビっちゃって ここまでくるのにすっごく時間かかったぁ



At last, we reached the fire.

Those people who were the closest to the fire were wearing costumes

...hmm, I wonder what that meant...

やっとこさ 火の近くにこれたぁ〜



There were venders and I was hungry...

I wanted to look around but Kaiya couldn't be there any more seconds...

We headed back home right a way...

出店も出てたけど もうKaiyaさん限界 見て回らせてくれない

お腹空いてたけど 結局そのまま家へもどりましたぁ〜(^^;)

Well, it's nice to put up photos of Kaiya not being scared :p

I had to work double shifts today.

I went to work as usual time in the morning.

Then I came home in the afternoon to take a walk with Kaiya....we did a one-hour walk.

After that I went back to work again.

So Kaiya was alone for longer than usual today:(

When we went for a walk in the afternoon,

it was blowing sooooooooo much.

There was this one time I couldn't even go forward because the wind was too strong!

I thought Kaiya was gonna pushed back with the wind 

but she was walking better than mommy!! :)

とまぁ 本日のビビってない時のKaiya(^^)

今日は ダブルシフトだったから


午後一回帰ってきて一時間くらい散歩行って また仕事にもどったので


合間の散歩の時は風がものすごく強くて 前に進むのが大変だったよぉ〜



  1. バイキング的なナイト的な...がよく見えないのが残念!!

    1. Kaiyaさんが落ち着かなくて 写真なかなか撮れなかったねぇ〜