Saturday, May 23, 2015

Hurry Up the Stairs!

I had to work longer hours than usual today and got home around 5pm.
Daddy works from today so Kaiya had to be alone at home a little bit.
When I got home, she was so happy that she was whining and licking all over my face like she was home alone for hours.
Oh come to think of it, she hadn't seen me since this morning so I guess she was that happy too see me :*

ダディも今日から仕事始まったから ちょっとの間だったけど
私が家に帰ったら すんっごい長い時間お留守番したみたいな喜び方(^^;)

So we came out to take a walk right away.

I let her go at the park like space.

ってことで そっこで散歩〜


Happy running!


"NO!!!"  I told her when she was about to go down the stairs.

She was chasing a bird so my voice didn't reach her, I guess, so she went down.

I yelled at her to come back then she hurried to come up the stairs.

"ダメ!!"って言ったのに 鳥追っかけて階段の下に降りちゃったよぉ〜

怒鳴って呼び戻して めちゃめちゃ急いで階段駆け上ってくるKaiya

But she passed by me and kept running...

I don't know whether she was still excited from chasing the bird 

or she knew that she would get scolded...but she seemed not wanting to come close to me :(

そしてそのまま走り続けて 私のそばに来ない

まだ鳥追っかけてたから興奮してるのか 怒られるのが分かって近寄らないのか・・・

And she was almost going down again.

"Stop!!!! Sit!!!"

Finally, she listened.  Good girl, Kaiya.

Now I gotta put you on the leash.  Down there is too close to the streets and a lot of traffic.

そしてまた階段とこに来たから "Stop!!!! Sit!!!"



下は道路が近いからな ここからはリード付けるぞぉ〜!

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