Tuesday, May 19, 2015

11 months old

Kaiya became exactly 11 months old yesterday.

Hight and weight were the same as last month, 47cm and 13kg.

Because of daddy's 3 weeks absence, 

little Kaiya became a mommy's girl that she comes to me often more than she does to daddy:-p

Kaiyaさん 昨日で満11ヶ月になりましたぁ〜!

体高&体重 先月と変わらず 47cm & 13kg

ダディが3週間いなかったから 最近はママっ子なKaiyaでござる!(^^)

We've been having rainy days lately and of course it was raining today.

However, the sun came out in the evening.

We decided to go for a long walk after the dinner 

since Kaiya hasn't been getting enough exercise due to the weather.

ここのところ雨ばっかり 今日も雨降ってたけど 



She loves to carry those wood sticks she finds somehow on the walk. lol

どこかしらから こういう木の棒拾ってきて咥えて得意気に歩くKaiyaさん(笑)

Kaiya and daddy, chasing each other at a dog park.

ドッグランでダディと おっかけっこぉ〜

An air balloon!!

あっ 気球だぁ〜

Hmmm, strange clouds...it might gonna rain again...

なんか変な雲だねぇ また降るかもねぇ〜


  1. 気球すごいな.... 木を咥えていれば、吠えないし、かまないし、すかれるよ KAIYA~

  2. ストックホルムは暖かい季節になると気球がよく飛んでるんだよぉ〜