Wednesday, May 6, 2015


This morning it was raining a lot 

but in the afternoon sun came out and it went up to 18 °C.

It became too nice that you wouldn't believe it actually rained in the morning.

Well, we can't waste a day like this!

After I came home from work, we went out right a way to the woods!

今朝は 雨で濡れながらの散歩だったのに

午後からカラッと晴れて 気温も18度まで上昇!

これは 長い散歩っしょ!

仕事から帰ってから そっこで久しぶりに森まで!

OMG, she's such a beauty!!

Kaiya is my handsome girl!!!!


我が子ながら かっこ良すぎる〜


おっ 来た来た


突進しそうな勢いで 変顔??(笑)

And she runs more

そして まだまだ 走る〜

Still running!

まだまだ 走る〜

Water break!

喉渇いたぁ〜 水休憩

Chewing the wood stick

木の棒 カジカジ

Digging digging!

穴 堀ほり〜の

Look! a boat!

あっ 船

Mmm? What are you looking at Kaiya?

ん? 何見てんだ?

She's definitely after something.

なんか 追っかけてるなぁ〜

Ah! It's a butterfly!!

あぁ 蝶蝶追っかけてるのか!

This little boy is a 12 week old husky called Sisu.

First time seeing him, and they got along and played a loooooot!!!

They'd already played a lot at this point and taking a water break.


初めましてだったけど この時点で既にかなり遊んで 水休憩中

Break is over and they continue...


Well, Sisu's daddy and I had a chat too since they seemed like they would never stop playing....

One of our house rules is to talk to Kaiya in English

so she doesn't get confuse especially for the commands we give her.

We decided it at the beginning 

because daddy doesn't speak Japanese and my Swedish is not good enough.

Naturally English was the one to use.

Anyways, Sisu's daddy told me he talked to Sisu in Finnish.

He was born here in Sweden but his parents are from Finland.

No wonder I couldn't catch what he was saying to Sisu :p

この2人大分遊びまくってたから 私も飼い主さんとしばらくおしゃべり

そうそう うちはKaiyaに話しかけたり 特にコマンドは英語でする

ダディは日本語喋らないし 私のスウェーデン語もまだまだだから



飼い主さんスウェーデン生まれだけど 親がフィンランド人なんだって


After this, we had to force them to quit playing so we can go home.

When we were walking towards home, I noticed Kaiya was really slow and sit down suddenly.

I think she was really really really tired after all that running and playing with a big puppy.

We took it easy and walked slow and finally we were almost home

Kaiya lay down in the middle of the sidewalk!!!

Wow wow wow!!!

I gotcha, Kaiya.  You seriously need a rest, huh!?

Yes,  I actually carried her to the entrance :)

このあと まだまだいけそうなシーソとKaiyaの遊びを終わりにさせて

バイバイ言って帰っているとき Kaiyaさん動きが大分スロー そして座り込む

ま!まさかの ダウン!?


それでもなんとかがんばって歩いて もう少しで家ってところで



目と鼻の先だから ちょっと抱っこしてエントランスまで連れてきた(^^;)


  1. お天気良くて、ダウンするほどよく遊びましたね KAIYA~!!

    1. まったくでございます!

  2. まだ、ねんねのKAIYA~ ですよ!!