Saturday, May 2, 2015

A day off with K1 and K2

Finally my day off!!

I slept in this morning and she came to cuddle with me :)


朝ちょっとのんびりしてたら 甘えてきたKaiya(^^)

We went to see our friends today!

It's been a looooong time to see Kanna aka K1 and Kaede aka K2.

We took trains and got there at last!

But before we headed to their apartment, a little exercise for Kaiya!

Yes, she ran after the birdies all right! :p

そして 久しぶりにカンナ(K1)とカエデ(K2)に会いに行ってきた!!!



今日も鳥をおっかけまわして マッハで走ったっす!

Kids are not Kaiya's favorite lately but K1 and K2 are totally OK

 because Kaiya knew them since she was a puppy.

 最近あんまり子供が好きではないKaiyaさんだけど K1とK2は全然オッケー!


She got little tired I guess...

she was taking a break all alone here.


いないと思ったら ここで1人で休憩してた(^^;)

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  1. マッハ KAIYA~ お疲れ様~!!