Wednesday, May 16, 2018

Tree climbing dog / 木登り犬 May 16

On the morning walk, Mato followed some smell and climbed a tree!

朝の散歩中 何かいい匂いがするらしく Mato氏がクンクンしながら木に登った〜!

You probably though "WOW!", right?

Well, this tree was not actually standing straight up but leaning towards the lake.

That's why he could climb up easily 😂

I guess I can get the credit for taking these photos which look like he's climbing a regular tree, right? 😁

みんな "すげ〜" って思ったでしょ?

実は この木けっこー斜めってて垂直じゃないから 意外に簡単に登れちゃうの〜😂


These two didn't wanna leave my side after I came home from working whole day.

I was chilling on the mattress and they also wanted to be on it.

Even though  I squeezed and made some room for them, it got little too tight and I had to get up eventually. lol

The thing is this picture, these two lying side by side, is super rare and adorable that I can't possibly  be mad at them ;p

今日は1日中仕事だったから 帰ってきてから2人が私のそばから離れな〜い。

マットレスに座ってたら 私も僕もって 詰めて詰めて結局狭くなって私が立ったわい!(笑)

でも この絵はめっちゃレアで可愛いから 許す!
Mato (left)                           Kaiya (right)

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