Tuesday, May 15, 2018

Happy birthday mommy's brother / マミーの弟 ハッピーバースデー May 14

May 14th is my little brother's birthday.

We don't get to see each other often since he lives in NY and I'm here in Sweden.

That's why I thought Kaiya, Mato, and I take a photo together and send it to him to say happy birthday.

But...Kaiya's got a good hunch.

She knew that we were gonna take selfies which she hates so she ran off to hide herself under one of the dining chairs.😂

Well, when this happens it's a bit hard to get her out of there.

Too bad for Kaiya, I don't give up.  I went to her instead.😁

I called Mato to join us under the chair. 

Unfortunately, it was impossible to take a photo putting all three of us in one frame.


ニューヨークに住んでで なかなか会えないから Kaiya&Mato&マミーの3人でセルフィー撮って おめでとぉ〜って送ろうと思ったら・・・

Kaiyaが写真を撮るってのを即座に察知して ダイニングの椅子の下に隠れた〜!!!😱

こうなると呼んでも 出てこねぇ〜。

だから マミーが行ったよ!😁

マトも椅子の下に呼んだけど うまく3人で撮れなかったから ツーショットずつ。

Both of them are very good at not looking at the camera...😂

2人とも 見事にカメラから目線を外す技を身につけている・・・😂


Happy happy happy birthday to you, Tatsuya🎉

Kaiya and Mato actually have never met him before.  Hope they'll have chance to meet him in near future😊


マミーの弟 タツヤ お誕生日おめでとぉ〜🎉

KaiyaとMatoは1度もあったことがないから いつか会えるといいねぇ〜😊

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