Thursday, May 31, 2018

Nose / 鼻 May 31

Because of a dentist appointment early in the morning, I had a day off.

Just before I left to the dentist, we took a very short walk.

I took them out again for a long one after I got home.

It was warm all right but didn't get hot and it felt perfect!

今日は朝早くから歯の治療だったから 仕事休み〜。

歯医者に行く前に短い散歩しただけだったから 帰って来てから少し遠くまで。

暖かかったけど 暑くならなくて いい感じのお天気だったよ。

The girl in the sun and the boy in the shade.

日向の女と 影の男w

We took a break to sunbathe on the lawn in the park.

I found my baby girl very chilling in the shade behind me.


後ろを振り向くとお嬢が がっつりくつろぎ中。

My baby son was into chewing a stick and this is how it looks like in his mouth when he chews....a mess!!!

んでもって 息子は ガリガリに夢中。口の中がすごいことになっとるのぉ〜。

I have a nose collection today to show you.

And of course, Mato's nose.

本日は 🐽鼻特集。


Mato's 🐽


Oh.  Kaiya.


And again, Mato's 🐽

そして Matoの鼻🐽。

Kaiya and Mato got to spend a whole day with mommy😊


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