Sunday, May 20, 2018

Late night walk / 深夜散歩 May 19

Shoot.  I fell asleep before the last walk...we took a very late night walk at 1:30 am :p

It was late and almost no one was walking so Kaiya got to walk by herself off the leash :)

At the dog park, a rabbit showed up just outside the fence and Mato was fixated on it.

やべっ。夜散歩の前にウトウト寝ちゃって 結局深夜1時半の夜中散歩になっちゃった(笑)

こんな夜中だし 人ほとんど歩いてないから Kaiyaさんはノーリードで歩かせて楽チーン(^∇^)

ドッグランに行ったら フェンスの外にウサギが現れて Matoくんの目がギラリ。

We usually do three walks everyday but we had the different schedule today and we took four walks.

That's why these tired babies are sleeping beside me right now ;)

普段は1日3回の散歩だけど 今日はちょっとリズムが違ったから4回。


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