Saturday, May 12, 2018

My kids don't play with the ball / うちの子たちはボールで遊ばねぇ May 11

There was a soccer ball lying around in the dog park we went to so I kicked it to see if my kids would play with it.

Both of them ran after the ball without enthusiasm...

and of course, they weren't interested in it.

What a hell...

Kaiya used to chase after a ball and play with it when she was little...

I guess she's mature enough to play with it any more.



"別に〜" って感じ(笑)


昔は Kaiyaなんてよくボール追っかけてたのになぁ〜。


Mato think it's something he pees on😂


Because the sun was sort of baking even in the morning, Kaiya went under quickly and chilling.

朝から日差しが強くて Kaiya姉さん さっさと日陰で休憩〜。

Since there wasn't any action, I told them we were going home and went towards the gate...then they started it. lol

アクションないから 帰るよ〜って行って出口に向かうと アクション始める困ったちゃんな2人w

My baby girl is scary! lol

うちの娘は こえぇ〜 ぞぉ〜w

                                        Although they started this just before we were about to go home, I was happy seeing them running around because they stopped doing this kind of play after snow was gone.

でも 雪がなくなってから久しぶりにこういうアクション見れたから 帰り際に始められても なんとなく嬉しくなって 許しちゃうマミーでした。

❮The time when I was in Japan / 日本でのレポート❯

This is, as you know, my dad's partner Bicky.

He loves balls.

At first, when I first got there, he was just playing with a soccer ball.  Then I thought he might love to play "fetch."  

So I bought him some tennis balls.


He learned it quickly.  I throw the ball then he runs, pick it up then give it to me. I throw it again. 

It literally never ended.  LOL

He never got tired of it and we played the fetch seriously a LOT!  

Even in the house, until just right before he went to sleep😂



最初はサッカーボールで遊んでたんだけど フェッチを教えるためにテニスボールを買ってあげたら 大ヒット。

すぐにフェッチを覚えて 投げては 走って取ってきて また投げての永遠のループを飽きずに繰り返して一緒に遊んだぁ〜。



At some point, he started to drop the ball in the pond deliberately.

It seemed like trying to catch the floating ball without falling in the water was real fun for him. lol

I got these tennis balls at the 100 yen shop (it's like the 99¢ only stores).  Of course, you can assume the quality from the price.  

They broke easily and fast. 

That's why I bought them a lot but I found many missing.

Later on, my mom found them in the bottom of the pond. lol

終いには 自分でわざと池にボールを落として遊んだりしてた。


100均で買ったボールだから 壊れるのも早くて 何個も買ったのにボールの数がだんだん減ってくからおかしいと思ったら ママ曰くデッドボールは池に沈んでいたらしいwwww

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