Friday, May 18, 2018

Interactions / 交流〜 May 18

It's gotten so much cooler since yesterday here in Stockholm.

I needed a jacket when we took the  morning walk.

This morning we met Chilli!!

Kaiya has just finished her heat and she still smells so good for Chilli since he is very sensitive and reactive to females on heat.

We only said hi through the fence.

Hopefully we can take a walk together next week? ;)

昨日 今日ってガックンと涼しくなったストックホルム。


そんな朝に 久しぶりにシリィに会ったよ〜!

ヒートが終わったばっかりのKaiyaはまだいい匂いがして シリィがエキサイトしちゃいすぎるから 今日はフェンス越しに挨拶のみ〜。


It's gotten warmer today.  When we took a walk in the early evening, I could go around in T-shirt.


When we were at a dog park, a 11 months-old girl called Naiya came in and played together for a bit while.

ドッグランで遊んでたら 11ヶ月の女の子ナイヤって子が来て 少し遊んだよ〜。

This dog park doesn't have lawn...look at the clouds of dust.

このドッグラン芝も何もないから 乾燥してる今は 砂埃がすごい😣

Thanks to that, my kids kinda turned into grey color? 😁

そのお陰で なんとなくグレーになってない?・・・写真じゃわかりにくいけど。


After Naiya left, another girl, a 2 year old Amstaff Killah came in.

ナイヤが帰っちゃった後には 今度は2歳のアムスタッフの女の子キラって子が来たよ。

Ever since Kaiya's heat started, we didn't have any interactions with any dogs.

And today we were able to play with two new friends.  It was such a fun day😄

Kaiyaがヒートだったから KaiyaもMatoも気が立ってて最近全然他のワンちゃんたちと交流なかったんだけど 今日は久しぶりに しかも初めて会う子たちと遊べてよかった〜😄

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