Friday, July 28, 2017

5 short morning walks / 5回のあさんぽ Jul. 27

I couldn't sleep last night...I was so sleepy whole day.

Poor Kaiya had runs and woke me up every 2 hours to go outside.

Daddy was at his friend's and slept over there so I took her out at 3 a.m., 5 a.m., 7 a.m., 9 a.m., and 11 a.m.

Every time we were getting ready to go outside, Mato got up.  He wanted to go, too.

Why not, right?  Kaiya, Mato and I took 5 short walks this morning ;)


なんかお腹がゆるくなってたらしくて 毎2時間ごとにクンクン鳴いて外行きたいって教えてくれたんだけど マミーはめっちゃ眠かったっす(T . T)


夜中の3時から始まって 5時 7時 9時 11時って5回マミーが外に連れてったよ。

Matoは 僕も僕も〜って一緒について行きたがってみんなで5回お外に少しお散歩しに行ったんだ〜。

Kaiya didn't whine any more after the 5th walk so I assume that it's gotten better.

I really hope she's not gonna wake us up tonight!
昼過ぎからは鳴かなかったから 多分よくなってるんだと思う!


This is why I didn't even have extra energy to think about taking  photos and actually to take photos.

These photos are from yesterday...since I forgot to post yesterday.

Four of us took the afternoon walk together!

ってことで今日は写真どころじゃなかったから 昨日アップし忘れた写真〜。


Mato picked up a twig and seemed happy :)

あらMatoさん なんか棒拾って ルンルン♬


Then Kaiya does exactly the same a couple seconds later ;)



Where's your twig, Mato?

あれれ Matoは自分の棒どこにやったん?

Kaiya (left)                       Mato (right)

I guess Mato wanted what Kaiya had.  He tried too steel it but Kaiya was faster and didn't give him a chance to get close to her twig ;)

Kaiyaのが欲しくて近づいたら さすがKaiyaうまくかわした〜!

Mato (left)                               Kaiya (left)

He failed.


I found his twig he dropped and gave it to  him.

なので さっきMatoが落とした棒をマミーが拾ってあげたよぉ〜。


Tooth brushing time.

したら 2人してカミカミ歯磨きタイム〜。

Mato (front)                        Kaiya (behind) 

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