Wednesday, May 24, 2017

Tardy / 遅刻 May 23

Nooooo!!!  I woke up late today!!!

I set up the wrong time on my alarm clock and woke up 30 minutes before I was supposed to leave home. lol

It's one and a half hour later than the time I usually get up.

I rushed to the bathroom and took a quick shower and took Kaiya and Mato for a quick walk.

We only had 15 minutes so they couldn't poo.  I texted daddy who's asleep about this morning so that as soon as he woke up he could take them for a real walk.

Anyways, after I fed them, I took off and rid my bike so fast.  When I got to work, I realized I was only late for 10 minutes...I thought I would be at least 30 minutes late.  Oh my my what a hustle...I'll never gonna wake up late any more!!


目覚まし間違った時間にセットしてて 家を出なきゃいけない時間の30分前に起床(笑)


マッハでシャワー浴びて支度して KaiyaとMatoの散歩へ。

15分くらいしか回れなくて 2人ともウ○チできなかったから ダディに起きたら早めに2人の散歩に行ってってLINEを入れて 2人にご飯をあげて それではいってきます!!

いつもより自転車とばして なんとか10分遅刻ですんだぁ〜(*´Д`*)

30分くらいは遅刻するかと思ってたから 10分に収まってよかったぁ。けど疲れた〜・・・もう絶対寝坊しない(><)

Well, of course, there's no photos from the morning walk and I couldn't have good photos from the evening walk.  Anyhow, we just came back from the night walk and look where these two are sleeping already!!

Go sleep on your own beds guys!!

I'm gonna set my alarm correctly now and going sleep.  Night night everyone!

ってことで 今日は朝の散歩の写真を撮る間も無く 夕方の散歩もいい写真が取れず さっき夜の散歩を終えて帰って来たら 2人ともベッドの上でもう おやすみ!?


ってことで 明日は寝坊しないように 目覚ましをちゃんとセットして おやすみなさぁ〜い!!!( ´θ`)ノ

Kaiya                                                Mato

Kaiya (front)         Mato 




  1. マミー 遅かったね...Kaiya!!

    1. うおっい! ってまぁ寝相はそうですね・・・。マミーの寝相にはまだまだ勝てないがな( ̄∇ ̄)