Wednesday, May 10, 2017

Mommy gets exhausted / マミーお疲れ May 10

We met Bianka this morning!

She had just finished her heat but I guess she still smelled good.  Mato was into her ;p

今朝は久しぶりに バーニーズのビアンカに会った〜!


Yes, morning was very nice with the blue sky with little bit of clouds.

But again, it snowed in the afternoon.  I got really really tired after taking a walk in this bad weather...I was too tired to take some photos during the walk, too.

After taking a nap, I regained a bit of strength so I went to the gym in the evening.

When I came back home, these two immediately came to the front door to say hi as they usually do ;))) The happy moment of the day♡

午後はまた雪が降って そんな中のお散歩で マミーは疲れちゃった〜!

寒さのせいかもしれないけど 天気悪いと疲れがどっとでる〜・・・写真さえ撮るの忘れちゃったよ。

ので 昼寝?夕方寝?して少し体力回復したんで 夜にジム行って帰ってきたら いつものように2人がお出迎え〜&ペロペロ攻撃!あ〜幸せ〜♡


 Kaiya       Mommy       Mato

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