Thursday, May 18, 2017

Independent girl / インディペンデント・ガール May 17

I thought I was more tired than usual.  And I think it's because of the damp air.

It rained this morning then it stopped in the afternoon but heavy clouds were covering the sky the rest of the day.

I came home from work and didn't feel like going out to gym and do some workout...instead just stayed at home doing  my project to make a tipi for Kaiya and Mato.

When I looked back, Mato was taking a nap right behind me :)))

This boy is so cute!

今日はなんだか 珍しく湿気の多い日だったぁ。

朝から雨が降って 午後には止んだけど 空気も空もさっぱりしない感じ。

こんな天気だとやる気も出ないし なんだか疲労感が・・・。

仕事終わってから ジムにも行かず家に引きこもってKaiyaとMatoの為に犬用ティピー作り。

ふと振り返ると 真後ろで Matoがビーンバッグの上でお昼寝(o^^o)



After a little while later, I looked back again...there's one more in my sight. lol

Mato is such a mommy's boy and he always stays by my side or just a couple of feet away from me.

Kaiya's little different.  She's an independent woman and keeps certain distance. lol

Though she's mostly in the same room where I can see her. ;p


Matoはマミーっ子で いつでもマミーの側にいるけど Kaiyaは自立した女感たっぷりで いつも離れた所に(笑)

それでも 大抵は目に入る距離にはいるんだけどね(^ ^)

Mato                                                     Kaiya


  1. お忙しいマミーを 見守るのが僕の役目だぜ Mato!!
    お忙しいマミーの おジャマにならないのが Kaiyaで~す!!

    1. そか そか。 2人とも偉いぞ!