Wednesday, June 21, 2017

Simba and Nelly / シンバとネリー Jun. 20

When we were at the dog park this morning, Simba and Nelly came with Grandma.

Last week when Kaiya and Mato first met Nelly, Mato got too excited and Nelly was little scared of him.  Everyone was worried that he was gonna be too hard on her.

So we took time to have them greet each other slowly.  I tired to make him calm down and corrected him when he was to get excited.  After a while it worked, and now they are fine to be around each other :)))

今朝はドッグランにいたら シンバとチワワのネリーがおばあちゃんと一緒にきた〜!

先週初めてネリーに会った時はMatoが興奮しすぎて小さいネリーが危なそうだったから 時間をかけてMatoに注意しながら 慎重に挨拶をさせたんだぁ〜。

ネリーに過保護すぎる周りだったけど リードつけないで挨拶させる方がちゃんと挨拶できるよねぇ〜。

それっからは ネリーに興奮しすぎることなくふつーな感じ(o^^o)

Mato          Nelly          Kaiya      Simba

Mato really like Simba.  Even if he gets growled or barked at by Simba, he just doesn't care.  He continues to play bow and wag his tail ;)

そして Matoはシンバが大好き。吠えられても唸られても プレイバウして尻尾フリフリ♪

This is Nelly.  She's so small and moves so fast!

これがネリー。めっちゃ小さくて めっちゃ動きが速い!

Everybody loves grandma! .....because she always gives them treats... lol

おばあちゃん 大人気!・・・いつもおやつをくれるからねぇ(¬_¬)笑

Simba           Mato             Nelly               Kaiya

Someone is coming...

しばらくしたら 向こうから誰かがきた・・・。

Mato            Simba         Nelly         Kaiya

It's Raiya!!

She's a miniature Schnauzer.  She's so much smaller than other miniature Schnauzer that I see in the neighborhood and super cute :)




  1. 新人いっぱい登場

    1. 笑笑笑 新人かい!
      ネリーは新人だけど ライヤはそうでもないんだなぁ〜(笑)