Wednesday, June 28, 2017

Midsummer weekend / 夏至祭の連休 ①

We had a long weekend last week due to midsummer!

It's one of the most important holiday weekend in Sweden.  Since we have very short summer and long dark winter, Swedes celebrate midsummer devoting eating, drinking and dancing.

Most of the places are closed during this holidays and we were off from work from Thursday afternoon until Sunday :)))

So we planed to spend our long weekend with Simba's family in Dalarna where his grandma lives.


短い夏に一年のほとんどが日の短いスウェーデンでは この夏の到来を祝う夏至祭は結構重要なイベント。

この週末はどこもかしこもお休みになるところが多くて 私たちも22日の木曜日の午後から日曜日までお休み〜!

なので ストックホルムより北のダーラナにあるシンバのおばあちゃんのお家へみんなで行って来ました〜!

It's been a long time to have a road trip.

Kaiya, of course, was nervous most of the times.

Mato got car sick and threw up a little... :(

He used to ride with me in the car when we were in Japan and was totally ok but somehow he gets sick now...


Kaiyaはやっぱりなれなくて ソワソワ ソワソワ。


日本では全然車大丈夫だったMatoなのに 大きくなったらダメになっちゃったなぁ・・・。


The weather was perfect!

Last time when we went there was in the winter and was nothing to see since it was dark already.

But this time the sun was out and the view was breathtakingly beautiful!

天気がよくて 最高のドライブ〜!

冬の時と違って 明るいし 緑が増えた景色はめっちゃ綺麗!!!

Pit stop at the burger stand.

I was so waiting for this!  This place has really good burgers.

Sooo hungry and I ate it all right a way without taking photos. lol



楽しみにしまくり&お腹空きまくりで 一気にペロリ・・・写真撮るの忘れた(笑)

Mato                                   Kaiya (front)

Kaiya                                                                       Mato

Just a little left to go!

Kaiya's taking all the space on the seat.  Sharing is caring, Kaiya! ;p

さぁ あともうちょっと頑張ろう!!!

って Kaiyaさん もう少しMatoにスペースあげなよぉ〜。

Kaiya                                                              Mato

Mato was falling asleep sitting up like that so we moved him to the rear seat beside daddy.

狭いとこに座ってそのまま寝そうになってたMatoなので 後部座席のダディの横へ。


Finally we are here!!!!

There was traffic and took about 5 hours when it usually takes 3 hours.

All jumped out from the cars and ran around in the yard :))


混んでたから 普通なら3時間くらいで来れるのに5時間かかった〜(>_<)

車から降りた途端 嬉しくて そっこでみんなお庭で走って遊んだよぉ〜!


  1. 時間をかけて遠くまで来たかいがあって....

    1. リードもなければハーネスもなし 自然の姿で走り回る姿はかっこよかったぜ〜(*≧∀≦*)

  2. MATO、ちょっとしんどい長旅だっただろう?

    1. 車酔いしんどい〜。帰りは酔い止め飲んだら 平気だったよぉ!