Thursday, June 22, 2017

avoid shade / 日陰は避けて  Jun. 21

The sun was out but it wasn't as warm as usual this morning.

I wore only T-shirt and it wasn't a good idea... :(

I didn't wanna go back and change so decided to power walk.

As long as I wasn't in the shade, it wasn't that bad.

In the park, I chose the sunny spot and let them play a little ;)

太陽が出てたけど 気温が低かった今朝。

にも関わらず T-シャツだけで出て来てしまって失敗したぁ〜 太陽に騙された〜(笑)

とりあえず 日陰は避けて 日が当たるところを散歩(^_^;)

公園ではやっぱり日の当たるとこで ちょいと自由行動!





Mato                                                   Kaiya

The chasing game starts all the sudden.

At first, Kaiya slowly sits down facing Mato.

急に始まる このヒトタチの遊び。

まず Kaiyaがちょこんと座りだす。

Intentionally or unintentionally...Mato slowly approaches to Kaiya.


Kaiya                                          Mato

Then it starts with Kaiya's charge. lol


Kaiya                      Mato

Kaiya     Mato

Kaiya         Mato

Kaiya                                                              Mato

Mato                               Kaiya

What the   I don't know what they are looking at in each direction but it suddenly ended like this ;)))

なんだこれ。2人ともそっぽ向いて・・・どうやら 終わりらしい(笑)

Mato                                             Kaiya

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