Thursday, April 20, 2017

To Uncle Kay's / ケイおじさんの家へ Apr.20

While I was working whole day yesterday, daddy who had a day off took Kaiya and Mato to visit uncle Kay.

昨日は一日中仕事だったマミーだけどダディはお休みだったから みんなでケイおじさんのお家に遊びに行ってきたんだって〜!

Mato's playing with baby Lucas's toy.

Mato & Kaiya under the table

Since they took many walks, they seemed like they were quite tired on the train back home.


Mato might've missed mommy a lot.  He came and lay next to me pushing his butt to my butt.  lol

夜は マミーがいなかったから寂しかったのかなぁ〜 Matoがお尻くっつけて隣にゴロンしにきた(*'▽'*)

Then he decided to catch some z's. ;)))

んでもって おちた(( _ _ ))..zzzZZ (笑)

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