Thursday, April 27, 2017

10 months old / 10ヶ月 Apr. 27

I forgot about it but Mato became 10 months old on 25th!

Now he weighs 13kg but the height is the same as the last month 48cm.

The weight hasn't change that much, either.  I guess he's almost stopped growing.

うっかりしてたけど 25日にMato10ヶ月になりましたぁ〜!

今日体重測ったら 13kg で 体高は先月と変わらず48cm。

体重もそんなに変わってないから もう成長止まったのかなぁ?

Last night and tonight, Mato and I went for running.

We did 5 km yesterday and about 6km today.

Mato's still very young and has lots of energy so I decided to do extra exercise for him to release that energy.

It's very hard to run with Kaiya because she stops many times.  

Mato, on the other hand, can keep running about the same speed all the time so that I can also get a nice running exercise done :)))

昨日と今日って 夜にMatoと少し走ってます!

昨日は5kmくらいで 今日は6kmくらいだったかな。

Mato若いしエナジーいっぱいだから 少し走り込み〜。

Kaiyaはよく止まるからランニング一緒には難しいけど Matoはだいたい一定のスピードで走ってくれるから一緒にいい運動ができる。

When we came home from running, we bumped into Kaiya and daddy who were about to go take a night walk at the apartment's main entrance.

We were still energetic and decided to follow them :)

ランニング終えて アパート着いたらKaiyaとダディが夜の散歩にちょうど出てきたから そのまま一緒にお散歩〜。


Mato                                                                        Kaiya

Mato                                     Kaiya

After I came out from bathroom taking shower, somebody was on the bed all alone sleeping :)))

I guess running did make him tired.

Good night little boy! ...wait, that's where I sleep.  Where am I gonna sleep then??? ;p

シャワー浴びてバスルームから出てきたら ベッドの上で1人寝てるヒトが・・・。


おやすみ〜!・・・って おい。マミーの寝るとこないじゃん!(笑)


  1. ムヒヒヒヒ~ 寝こごちいいな~ マトマト...トマト!!

    1. わざとだな。絶対わざとだな(¬_¬)

  2. MATO、星空の下の散歩とは、クールだね。

    1. いいっしょぉ〜(*≧∀≦*)