Saturday, April 8, 2017

Rolling rolling / ゴロゴロ日和 Apr.08

This week went both quick and slow...

First I thought it went so fast but I was really really tired yesterday that I had such a long week.

I just fell asleep then woke up and do something then fell asleep over and over and over again.

あぁ〜 一週間長かったような 短かったような。

昨日はとっても疲れてたなぁ 散歩行って仕事行って 散歩行って寝落ちして 起きてご飯をあげて 寝落ちしてまた起きて散歩行って また寝落ちして・・・。

Anyways, here's Kaiya and Mato at last!

We went to our favorite park on the hill yesterday afternoon and it was the day for Kaiya to just roll in the grass or maybe something else to rub scents on her :p

そんなわけで 久しぶりにKaiya&Matoで〜す!

高台の公園で 昨日はゴロゴロばっかりしてたKaiyaさん。

Mato came close like saying "What u doing?  Play with me!"

そこへMatoが "何してんの? 遊ぼうよ!"

Kaiya's like "Can't you see?  I'm busy!"

Kaiyaは "ゴロゴロスリスリしてんの!邪魔すんなよぉ。"

But I guess Mato won.  They started chasing each other!

ついにMatoの誘いに負けたのか 追いかけっこ開始!

After a while, Kaiya went back to her rolling.  lol

ちょっと遊んであげたら またゴロゴロをするKaiyaさんでした(笑)

Yep.  Mato gave up playing with Kaiya and decided to chew on a stick here :p

MatoもKaiyaと遊ぶのは諦めて こっちでガリガリしてましたぁ〜!

Yesterday there was a terror attack in Stockholm.  Thank you so much for those of you who worried about us, we are safe!  

昨日はストックホルムでテロ事件がありましたが みんな無事です!ご心配してくれた方々 ありがとうございます!


  1. 背中が「カイくて、カイくて」...Kaiya~!!
    それって「カイ じゃなくて カユイ じゃないの」...Mato!!

    1. カイ〜でいいんだよ Mato!
      ガジガジじゃなくて ガリガリなんだよ!( ̄+ー ̄)