Friday, January 23, 2015

The last walk with Pac

Pac's mommy came back and picked him up today.

This was the last walk with him.

Kaiya surely gonna miss his company in the dog park.

When Pac was leaving with his mom, he turned back and looking at us 
as if he was saying "aren't you guys coming?"

Sweet boy Packie! We gonna miss ya!

パックのママが帰ってきたから 今日迎えにきた


ドッグランで遊ぶ相手がいなくなって寂しくなるなぁ Kaiya

パックが帰って行く時 "一緒に行かないの?" 
って言ってるみたいな顔して 私たちの方を寂しそうに振返って見てた

可愛いやつめ! またな パック!

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