Thursday, January 15, 2015


OMG!! It takes forever just to walk around the park...or anywhere!!

It rained on the it's frozen and ice all over.

There is gravel scattered out on the sidewalks to help not to slip
but slippery is slippery!!!

While it takes about double time for me to walk, 
Kaiya seems not getting bothered by the icy ground.

Kaiya, slow down and wait for mommy, please!!!

雪の上に雨が降ってそれが凍ったから どこもかしこも氷だらけ!


滑り止めの為に砂利が巻かれてるけど 滑るものは滑る(泣)



Kaiya〜 もうちょっとゆっくり行こうぜ!

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