Friday, January 9, 2015

Bye bye snow...again

As you can see, there wasn't any snow left this morning....

Last couple of years we had sort of warm winters by the swedish standard.

I thought we were gonna have a real cold winter...but I guess we are not.

見ての通り また雪が溶けちゃって 今朝にはなにも残ってなかった

ここ数年 寒くない冬(スウェーデンの基準で)だったから

今年はすっごく寒くなるかと思ったけど 結局今年もそんなことはないみたい

Kaiyaは 雪がなくてちょっとつまらなそう(^^;)

We found a pile of snow that was snow plowed and hadn't melted away

Kaiya, yes, she'd never been happier 

digging, burying her face in the snow 

enjoyed the last bit of snow!

と思ったら 雪かきで端に寄せられてた雪の山がまだ残ってた


穴掘って 顔全部埋めて

なにやら 楽しんだみたい!

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