Friday, January 16, 2015

calm, peace, napping

Somehow Kaiya slept a lot today.

Probably because it's raining a lot outside and one of those days you just wanna chill out.

She is soooo adorable when she is asleep.

I can't tell you enough how adorable she is with photos
...just think 100 times sweeter than these photos!!! :)

なんだか 今日はよく寝るKaiya

今日は雨がいっぱい降ってるから 家でまったりな気分なのかも

寝顔がヤバい 写真では伝わらないくらいかわいい!!!

She's all stretched out right next me sleeping peacefully...and I fell asleep, too. lol

横で びのびで寝てるKaiyaにつられて一緒に寝ちゃったぁ(笑)

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