Friday, January 2, 2015

Happy New Year!

A new year, a new start!!
...but it's a little rough start for Kaiya

On the new year's eve, it's probably the only day in the year,  you can see fireworks in Sweden.
People set off big ones and small ones and big noise and smokes everywhere.
Well, Kaiya wasn't a big fun of the loud sound....

People started to light up fireworks little earlier than midnight.
so of course when we went out for the usual night walk and were at the dog park
somebody set it off right next to the park.

Kaiya got shocked and sooooo terrified.
Thank god I still had her on the leash
otherwise she would have escaped 
from the little gap in between the fence and the gate of the dog park.

I tried to calm her down but she was pulling and pulling and just wanted to run back home.
What A night!!!

Anyways, after we came home 
she found a safe place or at least she thought it was a shelter for her, 
under one of the chairs in the far back corner in the kitchen,
and stayed there pretty much all night.


ってなことで やってきました新しい年 新しいスタート
・・・が Kaiyaさんにはちょっとハードなスタート

スウェーデンでは 大晦日に 除夜の鐘の代わりに 花火があがります
(そーいえば スウェーデンで花火を見れるのは 大晦日くらいしかないような・・・)
といっても 一般人が花火をあげる感じで
そこらじゅうで 花火の 音&煙
そんな音にKaiyaさんやられてしまいました(; _;)

早いうちから花火やっているので 夜の散歩の時も
大きな鋭い音に 余計 ビックリ
なだめても早く家に帰りたかったのか 引っ張る引っ張る・・・
いやはや 大変な 夜になってしまいました・・・


I was hoping that she would forget everything in the morning 
after a good night I usually do :p
Sometimes or often times, things don't go the way you wanted to be.

She was still afraid of going outside this morning.

①She didn't come to the front door when I call her and she loves to go out usually
②She nervously and cautiously took a step just to go out the door.
③She walked a bit in the hallway towards the elevator but suddenly u-turned
(↓she already u-turned and her body is facing towards to our apartment in the photo below)

私みたいに 一晩 寝れば 嫌なことは 忘れちゃうかなぁ
なんて 期待したけど 少し 後遺症が・・・


①好きな散歩のはずが 呼んでもなかなか玄関にこない
②恐る恐る 玄関を出る
③玄関を出てエレベーターまでの廊下を少し歩いて Uターン

With tons of effort, I finally made her turn back to the right direction...but
④She sit and protested "No! I'm not going!"

それでも なんとかがんばって行こう!と体を本来の進行方向に向けさせたけど
④座って プロテスト "ヤダ!行かない!"

I pulled her a bit to get her going
⑤"Noooo!!!" she's being so stubborn and refusing

さぁ行くよ! とちょっと引っ張ってみる
⑤"ヤダぁぁぁ!!!" と足をロッキング

⑥She just lay down instead of just sitting there to make herself even clearer.

⑥座り込みじゃなくて 伏せり込み

Unfortunately I couldn't accept her strong will.
she has to go outside eventually to do her business anyways.
So we did finally come out.

Her protest continued outside too as you can see...

とまぁ 大胆なKaiyaの意思表示も空しく
なんとか 外へ

外でも 座り込みが・・・

Anyways, I thought I would let her go wherever she wanted to...except running back up home
I sort of followed her lead and ran to keep up her speed.
Intended or unintended, Kaiya led me to the woods where we usually come on weekends.
She might wanted to chill somewhere in the nature where no humans are.

I took her leash off and let her run freely as usual.
She was back to normal!
She seemed having fun running and sniffing around.
Also, both times when I called her and when I blew the whistle,
she came back to me right away.

とりあえず 行きたいとこへ(家に戻る意外)行かせようと思い
急ぎ足のKaiyaに合わせて 走ってKaiyaのリードについて行くと

とりあえず いつものように 放してあげて ちょっと自由にさせた
そしたら いつものKaiyaだ!
呼んでも 笛吹いても ちゃんと戻ってくるし

Feeling little better and refreshed.

うん なんとなく すっきりした顔してる

Actually she was back to that terrified state when we came close to our home.
I just hope she will feel better soon.

家の方に戻ってくると また少しビクビクな感じに戻ってしまったけど
徐々に 元にもどるかな


  1. 甲斐犬カイ♀January 2, 2015 at 1:29 AM


    1. こちらこそよろしくお願いしまぁす!

  2. 新年あけましておめでとうございます

    1. あけましておめでとうございまぁす!

  3. 甲斐犬カイ♂January 3, 2015 at 1:40 AM

    あけましておめでとうございます  今年もよろしくね
    kaiyaちゃんは見るもの 聞くもの初めてなので 無理ないです  カイも雷にビビっていました
    甲斐犬は耳も良いので強烈に感じたのだと思いますが 成犬になると学習しますから 大丈夫です
    また こんな風な時には 抱きしめて 大丈夫 恐くないよと声をかけてやってね

    1. あけましておめでとうございさす! こちらこそ今年もよろしくお願いします!
      なるほど ちょっと安心(^^)
      よし Kaiyaもカイ君に習って ビビリ克服がんばろぉ!