Sunday, September 25, 2016

Spending a day sleeping...


I spent whole day sleeping :((((

My body was probably more tired than I thought since I did 5km running + HIIT training yesterday.

Of course, I can't sleep right now at night when I've slept so much during the day.


今日せっかくの休みだったのに 一日寝て終わった(゚д゚lll)

昨日久しぶりに5kmランニング➕トレーニングって体動かして 疲れすぎたのかなぁ・・・。

まぁ 一日寝て過ごしちゃったら 夜寝れないっす!(笑)

Daddy took Kaiya out for a walk this morning.  I took her out in the afternoon instead.

I wanted to do power walk to warm ourselves up since it was cold.

But it didn't go as I planed....The weather was not nice and Kaiya wasn't in the mood for it, I guess.

When we got close to our apartment, she walked faster to get to the entrance door.

She wanted to come home quick, which is sort of rare...she always wants to be outside.

Well well well, sometimes you have this kinda day which you have no energy to do anything and be just lazy sleeping through the day:p

朝の散歩をダディが行ってくれたから 午後は私とのKaiyaさん。

でも天気が悪いせいか いまいちテンションが低いKaiyaさん。

寒いからパワーウォークでもして暖かくなりたかったけど なかなか進まない(笑)

どうやらKaiyaさん早く家に帰りたかったらしく アパートの近くに来たら珍しく足早にエントランスのドアの前まで来た(^^)

まっ こんなのんびりやる気の出ない日もあるよね〜(^.^)


  1. しばし うささんが飛び出すまで おとなしくしてます Kaiya~!!

    1. おい こら。 ウサギ追わなくていいから!(笑)