Thursday, September 15, 2016

Please sleep through the night!

Kaiya wakes us up in the middle of night lately...

It's probably because she's on heat and she has to pee frequently.

Well, daddy and I are pretty beat from getting up and taking her out to walk in the middle of night.

Today I decided to make her real tired so that she would sleep through the night.

After I got off from work, I took her for a LONG walk.

We probably walked about 13.5km.

I don't know about Kaiya but I am exhausted for sure :p



夜中に起きて散歩に連れて行くからダディも私もおつかれ気味なので 今日はKaiyaを疲れさせて一晩中寝かせる作戦!

午後仕事が終わってから 長い散歩へ。



We took the same route as the other day.  We saw sheep and horses again :)

この間と同じ道を通ったから 今日も羊とか馬を途中で見たよぉ〜。

Took a break about the half way.


Yep, that's me!  That little one wasn't enough at all.  I had to have one more pastry...and even 3 times bigger than the first one :p

うん。やっぱりあのちっさいやつじゃ足りなかった ので追加。(笑)

Do you know why she's voluntarily walking so close to me?


Because she was bit scared of skaters or the sound of skateboards.


And we bumped into someone you don't see often in the little woods, a deer!

He was very close when I noticed.

Well, we sort of scared him...Kaiya got so excited and all...that he ran and went out the woods and cross the street!!!

He was trapped in the little parking lot of a small shopping mall at first.

Finally he found his way out of the parking lot and crossed the street again to go back to the woods side.

I was so relieved.

I promised myself I will try not to scare wild animals when I bump into them...I don't want them to get hurt or get into an accident.

そしてそして 小さな森で鹿を見たよ〜。

気づいた時にはかなり近くにいて 私たちがびっくりさせちゃったから 道路に出て反対側に行っちゃって今度はこっちがびっくり!!

道路の反対側にあった駐車場で出られなくなってたけど やっと出てきてまた道路を横切ってなんとか森のある方に行けたと思われる。


自然の動物はびっくりさせないようにしないと 事故にあったら大変だぁ(>_<)

Yep.  She just decided to take a break all the sudden.  lol

We are very close to our home.  Let's just get home first and rest ;p


家はもう少しだ! もうちっと頑張れ!


  1. 時々行く散歩道で、お馬さんや羊さんと、友だちになっちゃうかもしれないね、KAIYA?

    1. おぉ!友達になるのはいいことだ!いろんな動物に慣れてくれるといいのだ!

  2. 鹿・しか・シカ!! マミー 鹿だよ~ Kaiya~!!

    1. 鹿だねぇ〜。ノーリードだったらソッコで追いかけちゃうよねぇ〜 Kaiya〜!!