Friday, September 9, 2016

Cocky Kaiya :)

Kaiya is actually on heat right now.

That's why we put the leash on her at all times during the walk.

...though when we know it's safe to let her go off the leash, then she gets little free time :p

She's usually cocky but probably because she's on heat, she's even cockier :p

You know, dogs kick back their legs after they've done their business to spread their sent.

Well, Kaiya does that furiously even after she pees. ;p

Photos are from yesterday's morning walk.


ので ノーリードでのお散歩が減る期間中。

だけど 安全な場所でちょいちょい自由にさせてあげてます!

普段からちょいと生意気なKaiyaさんだけど ヒート中でもあるせいか

トイレの後に後ろ足を蹴る匂い付けが激しい 今日この頃(笑)



Then kicking back

Last night, just after I finished working out at the nearby gym and came out from the building, a surprise welcome from Kaiya who sprinted straight towards me so fast to say hi to me :)

Kaiya and daddy just started to take a walk so I decided to come along.

Whenever both daddy and I are with her on the walk, she gets really excited and she walks rhythmical :)))

And we met a new friend, a 9 year old girl called Medusa, at the dog park.

Despite her name, she was really really sweet and friendly :)))

昨日の夜は私がうちの近くのジムから出てきたら ちょうど夜散歩を始めたKaiyaとダディがお出迎え!



いつもよりルンルン プリケツ(*^o^*)

そうそう ドッグランで 初めて会う子と少し遊びました〜!


名前が強そうだけど めちゃめちゃ大人しくてフレンドリーな子だったぁ(o^^o)

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  1. キック-、キック- キックボクシング- Kaiya~!!