Saturday, September 3, 2016

Big smile Sunny day

Nice and sunny again! :)))

Kaiya had a big smile on her face when we took a walk in the morning!

I couldn't possibly miss riding bike in this weather.  

And I had an appointment and had to go home during the break so I rid like 30 km and it was such a good exercise!

Both daddy and I had to be at work longer than usual today.

Kaiya was home alone being a good girl :)  Ooooh, I missed you my baby girl!



絶好の自転車日和で 自転車で移動が多かった今日。30キロくらい走ったかなぁ〜。

ダディも私も今日は仕事で家を空ける時間がいつもより長かったけど しっかり一人でお留守番していい子だったKaiyaさんです!


  1. 長距離散歩大好き ノーリードも Kaiya~!!