Monday, September 5, 2016

Mommy at work, Kaiya and daddy at uncle Kay's

While I had to work today, daddy had a day off.

He took Kaiya to visit her favorite uncle Kay!

That's why I could only spend time with Kaiya during the morning walk.

It was little chilly but sunny this morning. 

But as soon as I got on my bike to go to work, it started to rain :(((

It rained on the way back home, too!!! ...felt like somebody's purposely giving the rain on me :( 

今日は私は仕事 ダディは休みでKaiyaの大好きなケイおじさんのとこに遊びに行くからってKaiyaも一緒遊びに行っちゃった〜!

そんなんで 朝の散歩の時しかKaiyaと一緒に過ごせなかった本日。

朝は太陽が出ていい天気だったけど 仕事に行く途中と帰る途中で 雨が・・・。

ちょうど私が自転車乗る時に降り始めるんだから 絶対狙ってるよね(>_<)

I was so tired and I fell asleep before  I knew it last night.

That's why I couldn't update the blog.  So here're the pictures from yesterday!

昨日は早くに落ちてしまって アップできなかったので 昨日のお散歩写真〜⇩

Hey you!  Aren't you going too far ahead !?
She looked like she was saying, "I gotta pee so bad.  I gotta go now." lol
"トイレ我慢できないから 先行く"と言わんばかりにトコトコ(笑)

"Mommy, not that way.  We're going this way."
"マミー そちらには行きませぬ。こっちに行くです。"

Hell no.  You gotta follow me no matter what face you make!
When I say bye-bye and leave her behind, she eventually ran after me seconds later :p
This is the best way to make her follow when she gets stubborn.  :)))
バイバ〜イって行って どんどん先に行っちゃうと 
ワガママ言った時は バイバイって言っておいてくのが一番効果大(笑)


  1. 心配しないでいいよ マミーと一緒の時が一番充実しているから は~いこっちにおいでマミー Kaiya~!!