Sunday, March 13, 2016

Picking up and eating

Kaiya knows she's not supposed to do it!

I saw her chewing something so I took some steps to go close to her.

Then she also took some steps away from me and turned to look at me.

Again chewing and eating.

I tried to go close.

She walked away gain and looked at me.

The distance between us didn't change at all!!!

She's totally avoiding me because she knew I would scold her!  lol

Well, I wouldn't scold you as long as you aren't chewing something that's really bad for you.

拾い食い 確信犯



ちょっと先に進んで 振り向く

また モグモグ


また ちょっと先に進んで 振り向く


こやつ 怒られるのわかってんなぁwww

まぁ 最近は害がないようなら そこまで怒らないけど

Anyways, we had a nice morning walk.

At that quiet park up on the hill, I let her off the leash a little

because this place is mostly fenced around and almost no one comes here.

Kaiya didn't go crazy running around as she usually does here

but had a nice independent time for a while.

It was really warm today actually.

I think it went up to 6°C and it wasn't windy.

Seems like the spring is on the way.

I was wearing the usual walking clothes....wrong idea.

I got sweaty in the middle of the walk.

It became a 2-hour walk eventually.

I left Kaiya home and came back outside to run.

This time I had thin clothes for running

but I got so sweaty again after running for 8 km.

Oooo, I can't wait for the summer to come to run outside with a tank and shorts on!!!


丘の上の静かな公園に行って ちょっと自由時間

この公園ほぼフェンスで囲まれてて 人も来ないからね

Kaiyaさんはいつものように 狂ったように走り回らなかったけど

匂い嗅ぎまわったりして 自由時間を楽しんだよぉ!

今日は暖かくて いつもの格好して散歩に出たら



太陽が出てて 風もなかったから すっごく気持ちよかった!

2時間くらい散歩して 一回Kaiyaを家に置いて



早くランニングショーツとタンクでランニングできる季節よ こぉ〜い!!

You think she's waiting for the lights to turn to cross the
street, right?
Nah!! lol
Of course, she usually waits the lights quietly
but this time she's just being stubborn cuz
she didn't wanna go the way I was going
to...she wanted to go the other side of the street :p
もちろん 信号待ちはちゃんとできるけど
ホント自分の意思をしっかり持った子だわ (^^)


  1. かっこいいでしょ なれたから私のファッションになったよ このハーネス Kaiya~!!

    1. 赤が映えて似合ってるよぉ〜! Kaiya〜!!!