Sunday, April 12, 2015

The best friend Simba

We were in the park this morning.

Kaiya was off the leash as usual.

First we usually play together there and then walk to the dog park that's right next to it.

Kaiya usually runs to the gate to the dog park and waits for me to open it.

But today she went to opposite direction.

I thought she went after birds or something.

When I finally reached where she was, I knew why she ran sooo fast.

It was Simba!

Simba is one of the things that makes her super excited and she would never be able to hear my voice.

Come to think of it, Simba was the first dog for Kaiya to play with besides her brothers.

For sure, he is her best friend!

今朝 いつものように公園でノーリードでお散歩〜

いつもこの公園で一緒に遊んでから 隣のドッグランの方に歩いて行く


今日はなぜだか ドッグランとは反対方向に・・・

鳥でも見つけて追っかけたのかな?って思って 追っかけていくと


シンバに会っちゃうと うれしすぎて私の声がKaiyaに届かなくなっちゃうんだよねぇ(^^;)

Kaiyaの人生で 兄弟以外に初めて遊んだワンちゃんがシンバで 

小さい頃からいっぱい遊んでたから 一番の友達だぁねぇ〜

They played a little bit in the dog park.

Unfortunately, Simba's mommy was little sick so they had to go home.

ドッグランでちょっとあそんだ お二人さん


After we said good bye to Simba and his mommy, we went back to our usual walk course.



  1. ノーリードでさっそうと歩くKAIYA~ かっこいいね。

    1. でしょぉ〜
      ノーリードだと ストップしなくていいから こっちが楽なのだぁ〜(笑)