Saturday, April 11, 2015

Kaiya and mommy napping

The sun is out, not so cold, it's about time for me to start biking to work!

It takes about 20 minutes if I bike fast.  If I don't, it takes about 25 to 30 minutes.

And there are 2 steep slopes that kill my legs...but I consider it as the training!!


ちょっと肌寒い感じだったけど マミーは久しぶりにチャリで通勤したぜい!

家からだとがんばれば20分 がんばらなければ25〜30分で行ける

2カ所 心臓破りの坂が・・・でも アタイ 負けない!!!(>_<)

This morning in the dog park
 今朝 ドッグランで

I came home from work and Kaiya and daddy weren't home...

They were out on a walk but Kaiya was refusing to go home lying on the lawn like this.

Kaiya, come home! Mommy misses you!!!

仕事終わって帰ってきたら Kaiyaとダディがいなーい

散歩に出てたみたいだけど ダディはKaiyaの帰りたくない攻撃にあってたらしい↓

マミー寂しいから 早く帰っておいでよぉ〜!

Well, I deserve to get a rest and not going to the gym today, right?...after all that cycling.

But I was thinking whether I should really skip the gym or not, anyways

....then I fell asleep eventually...:p

So Kaiya and I took a nap together.

She just cannot resist using keyboard as a pillow. lol

チャリいっぱい乗ったから 今日はジムに行かなくていっかな・・・

って考えながら眠くなって Kaiyaと一緒にお昼寝しちゃったぁ〜

Kaiyaは どうもキーボードを枕にするのが好きらしい(笑)

Mmmm...still sleepy but we are not gonna able to sleep at night if we keep sleeping any more.

Let's get up, Kaiya!

まだ眠いけど あんまり昼寝しすぎると夜寝れないからね

さぁ 起きるべ!

Kaiya and daddy did a long walk in the afternoon so we skipped the evening walk 

and did a long night walk instead. became a 2-hour walk before we knew it.

This time daddy was waiting for us to come home after he came home from work!

Now Kaiya's tired and about to fall asleep :)

昼に大分長い散歩したみたいだから 夕方のお散歩スキップして


ってことで 2時間近く散歩してきちゃった(笑)

今度は仕事から帰ってきたダディが 私たちが帰ってくるのを家で待ってたよぉ(^^;)

Kaiyaさん疲れたのかしら なんか変なかっこしてる(^^)


  1. KAIYA~ のガジガジ棒だ...

    1. このカジカジ棒のおかげで 頻繁に掃除機かけてます(笑)