Friday, April 3, 2015

Home alone


Snowing this morning!

It's already April!! When's the spring really really come???




Black beauty in snow...Kaiya does look good in the snow scene.

でも やっぱり雪が似合うKaiyaさん


She doesn't wanna go home cuz she loooooves snow!

She decided to make herself clear by lying down on the snow and protest :(

"Kaiya, mommy really really have to go work... :("



マミーは仕事行かなきゃいけないから 朝からKaiyaと勝負!(笑)

The sun came out in the afternoon!

Thanks to the sun, no trace of snow left and felt a bit of spring.

Kaiya also enjoyed the walk in the sun.

She's used to be off the leash and behaves better and better!

午後からは 打って変わって晴れ!

雪なんて全部溶けちゃって ちょっと春の陽気!


After this, mommy and daddy left Kaiya to see the movie "Furious 7"!!

We waited this movie for a long time and it was a good training for Kaiya to be home alone.

Today was the first day for her to be home alone for 4 hours!
(The longest record was 2 hours.)

When we came home, she went nuts!!!

going back and forth, and her tail was wagging so much that it couldn't go any faster!

She missed us soooo much.

Good job Kaiya!

そしてこのあとマミーとダディは Kaiyaを置いて

待ちに待った Furious 7 を見に映画館へ!


帰ってきたら どうしたらいいのかわからないくらい

行ったり来たりして しっぽふりふりマックスで 喜んでた!


いい子にお留守番できて 偉いぞKaiya!!

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  1. 私だって大人になるんだ~ KAIYAで~す。