Sunday, April 19, 2015

Sakura 2

We were back to Kungsträdgården to see the cherry blossoms again!

This time daddy came along too!

We were there in the afternoon and there were many people!!!

Kaiya, as usual, got little too overwhelmed that she was even trembling hard...

The same routine, daddy carried her around until she calmed down.

さくら リベンジ!!

今日はダディも一緒に先週全然咲いてなかった桜を見に Kungsträdgårdenへ


Kaiya このたくさんの人に圧倒されて ブルブル震えまくって


Apparently there was an event held at the place...that's why it was sooo crowded.

It seemed like all the event booths were all Japanese related.

Too crowded to see all those, we skipped to take a peek at them though.


だから 人がたくさんだったのかぁ




Most importantly, the Sakura was like this.

Unfortunately they weren't fully bloomed yet...much better than last week though.

This tree was most bloomed but other ones were not quiet yet.

肝心の桜は こんな感じ


この木が一番咲いてたけど 他はまだもう少しだ


This shiba's owner wasn't Japanese but she knew about Kai ken.

As soon as she saw Kaiya, she said "Is it Kai?"

Kai ken is already rare in Japan 

and it's not everyday that somebody guesses Kaiya's breed right here in Sweden.

She also said she had seen Kai somewhere else before...

There might be another Kai ken in Sweden rather than Kaiya...

柴 発見!

この飼い主さんは日本人じゃなかったけど 日本犬飼ってるだけあって

 Kaiyaを見て "甲斐?"って聞いてきた

どうやら 甲斐犬をどっかでみたことあるらしい


Well, too crowded to see the cherry blossoms quietly either

we decided to go to Gamla stan instead.

I needed to buy some body piercing jewelries 

since I lost a lot of them and most of my piercings were without jewelries and looked sad...:(

Now the one on the top is stretched and got a tunnel.

BCR's are in all the other ones (including on the right ear except the industrial).

This guy at the shop was funny guy.

There wasn't anyone there before I came in.

Then people started to come in when he was kindly putting all the jewelries on me.

He seemed annoyed by the fact that many people were in the shop

mumbling that everything at the same time and freaking busy

but nicely handled everyone 

he even took a photo of me with the piercings to put on his instagram :p

Anyways, I was gonna just buy jewelries and put them by myself.

Thanks to him, saved all that trouble!

Nice guy! Thanks Tyrone!

混んでて 花見どころじゃないから さっさと抜けて 


ビアスを大分なくしまくって 付けてない部分が多かったから

やっと お店行って 全部埋めてきた!

一番上はストレッチしてトンネル通して あとはリングでそろえた



ちょっと忙しくなって グチグチいいながら 適当な感じでさばいていって



全部お兄さんが付けてくれたから いい人〜


ありがとぉ タイローン!


Rushed into the closed cafe and had a really late lunch!

Shrimp pasta & pannbiff(salisbury steak) with potato gratin

んでもって 小腹すいたから 近くにあったカフェでおっそーいランチ!

シュリンプのパスタ & パンビーフ(小さいハンバーグ的なもの)とポテトグラタン

Kaiya was being a good girl under the table!

Kaiyaさんは テーブルの下でいい子にしてました!


  1. 甲斐犬カイ♂April 19, 2015 at 4:41 AM

    桜 八重だね kaiyaも桜見てる 良い感じ
    日本では食事処ではペット禁止だけど いいね一緒に入れるのは
    あれれ・・スウエーデン初のkaiyaじゃあ なかったっけ・・・・今ではネットで甲斐犬を知ることが出来るもんね

    1. 実はこれ座ってるのは外の席で カフェの中ではないんです!
      最近は日本の方がドッグカフェとかあって お店に入っていいとこが多いんじゃないかな?

      そうなんです Kaiyaが初だと思ってたんですが もしかしたらいるのかも・・・(^^;)

  2. テーブルの下で良い子の KAIYA~