Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Get in the water!

It was my day off toady.

I took Kaiya and went to have a breakfast to a distant cafe.


朝からKaiyaに付き合ってもらって 少し遠くのカフェへ

A little walk in town after cafe.


Waiting for the train.

Look at her!  She's sooooo adorable!!!

I would do anything for you if you give me that face!! lol


この顔 可愛すぎる!!!

こんな目で見られたら なんでもしてあげるぞぉ〜(笑)

Evening walk by the water.

What are you looking at, Kaiya?  being so serious and all??



Practicing getting in water!

When I throw a stick, she goes in slowly one step at a time.

As soon as she gets the stick, she backs up quick and gets out of water. lol

Oh well, we'll practice more and you'll get used to it little by little.

Once it gets warm enough, I'll go in with ya! :)


棒投げ入れると 恐る恐る入って行って咥えてすぐ水から出る(笑)

まっ 少しずつな!

もうちょっと温かくなったら 一緒に入ってあげるからなぁ!

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