Sunday, February 22, 2015

On Heat

Took a train to take a long walk again!


Mommy needed a morning coffee!


Nice weather but little chilly today.

天気はいいけど ちょっと今日は寒いね

This place on Södermalm island has the amazing view!

The other side is Kungsholmen island.

Södermalm島にある 高台の景色の綺麗なスポットに行ってきましたぁ!

反対岸に見えるのは Kungsholmen 島

Btw  Kaiya is on heat now!!

That's why she is wearing a panty!

Well, she doesn't really like wearing it...sorry Kaiya, it'll be over soon.

ふと気がついたら Kaiyaさんヒートきました!!

ので パンツはいてます

脱ぎたいみたいだけど 少しの間我慢してな!

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