Saturday, February 21, 2015

Not quite yet...

Kaiya this morning

standing on the icy lake, watching probably flying birds, having something in her mouth :)

The ice is still thick enough that she could stand on it.

I want the spring to come already!!!!

It's getting warmer and people are changing their heavy winter jackets but still cold for me...


凍ってる湖の上に立って なんかを口に咥えながら 多分飛んでる鳥でも見てる

大分厚く凍ったんだろうね まだまだ湖の氷は溶けないな・・・



みんな着てるジャケットが若干軽くなってる感じだけどるけど まだ寒いよぉ〜

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