Thursday, February 26, 2015

Burining car

Just came home from the night walk.

Guess what we saw outside tonight.

A burning car!!!

We were on the way home planing to go through the park to come home.

All the sudden, a speedy fire engine passed by and I was little annoyed by the could of dust it made.

There are parking spaces along outside the park.

We walked up there to the closest entrance to the park 

and saw some people standing and watching something.

There we saw a big fire and firemen trying to put it out.

Kaiya got sooooo scared of the fire... I guess.

She pulled me to the other direction so hard.

I tried to calm her down but not working....she just wanted to get as far away as possible.

Eventually, I had to carry her....not all the way home but pretty long way.

Now we know that she gets terrified by fireworks and fire...something that's with fire.

Now she is in her little house and trying to sleep in between her pillow and toys:)





突然 スピードを出した消防車がビューンって横切って行った




そこはちょうど公園の脇の駐車スペースで もう少しで公園の入り口だったんだけど


家とは反対方向へ 引っ張る引っ張る

落ち着かせようとがんばったけど Kaiyaさんちょー心臓バクバクだし

なかなか落ち着いてくれないから 抱っこして歩いてみた

けっこう歩いて家の近くまできてからおろしてみたら やっと落ち着いたみたい

いやー 重かったぁ(笑)

Kaiyaが怖いもの ①花火 ②火


只今 Kaiyaの小さいお家で


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