Wednesday, December 20, 2017

Pleasant surprise / 嬉しいサプライズ Dec. 19

This morning we were taking a walk with Chilli and Carina as usual.

Somehow I just looked back and guess who was right behind us!  Bianka and her mom!!!

They usually don't come this way but since they saw us, they followed us to say hi!

So we all took the rest of the walk together!


後ろをふと振り返って見たら ビアンカが近づいてきてた!!!

いつもこの道は通らないらしいんだけど シリィにKaiyaにMatoが見えたから 追いかけてきたんだって!

ってことで 今日は大人数でお散歩だったよ!
Something smells good around here :p

Bianka                    Chilli

Chilli   Bianka  Mato 

Bianka     Mato

The reason that Kaiya isn't in those photos is that she's such a good girl that she walks either next to me or behind me.

Mato, on the other hand, was into Bianka and no way wanna stay beside me... Mato, you need to learn a lot from Kaiya!!

Kaiyaさんが写真に写らないのは Kaiyaさんとっても良い子で私の横か後ろをいつも歩いてるからなのです。

Chilli     Bianka     Mato

In the early evening, we visited Arrow and Margareta to fika :)))

Kaiya and Mato love them and they were so happy that they could come along this time.

夕方はアローとマルガレータのところへ フィーカしに行ってきたよぉ〜!

KaiyaとMatoは2人のことが大好きだから 今回一緒に遊びに行けてめっちゃ嬉しそうだった!


Arrow didn't like to hang with those hyper kids so he was sleeping on his bed ;p

Sorry to bother you, Arrow, but we were soooo happy to see ya♡

アローはというと 元気良すぎな2人のお相手はしたくなかったらしくて 自分のベッドでおやすみしてた(笑)


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