Saturday, December 2, 2017

Morning walk in the bright morning / 明るいあさんぽ Dec. 02

Sooo dark.  It's always dark when I take a walk with Kaiya and Mato.  I can't take any photos... :((

We usually leave home around 7:30 am to take a walk.  It's totally dark outside.

By the time when I come home from work and take them out for a walk, the sun is setting already that it's half dark outside.

It's Saturday at last!  We can take a nice and long walk in the not too early morning.  Thanks to the sunshine, we had light when we left home and I can show you guys how my kids are doing!

最近ホントに暗い。 いつも朝は7時半に散歩に出るけど真っ暗。午後帰って来て散歩に出る時にはもう日が沈み始めてて半分暗いし 全然散歩の写真が撮れない。

ってことで 今日はやっと週末。天気にも恵まれて あさんぽ行ってやっと写真撮れた〜!

At first, we went to the field to run!!!

まずは近くの原っぱで 一走り。
Kaiya (left)            Mato (right)

Mato (left)         Kaiya (right)

Look at Kaiya's face!

Kaiya (in the back)             Mato ( in front)

This one, too.

これも 。

This one also...Kaiya has the exact same serious face while Mato's trying hard to get me faster! lol She usually has smile on her face when she runs.

これも。必死な顔して走ってくるMatoの後ろで 真顔で走ってくるKaiyaさん!(笑)いつっもは笑顔で走ってるのになぁ〜。

The weather hadn't been really nice lately which affected Kaiya being very slow.  I guess she wasn't in the mood for running.

最近 天気も悪くてスローなKaiyaさん。あんまり走る気分じゃないのかしらねぇ〜。

But she was after this bird on the tree, which is sort of rare now that she usually doesn't chase after birds.

でも珍しく鳥に反応。木の上にいる鳥が気になってます♪(´ε` )
Mato (in the back)                   Kaiya ( in front)

We left the field and walked little further and got to this dog park.

I found some toy balls there and threw one of them if they would play.

They actually did run after but their interests in it disappeared in 5 seconds and started to something else. lol

原っぱの後は少し先に歩いて行って うちから遠いとこにあるドッグランで。

ボールが落ちてて ちょっと投げてみたら 珍しく反応した!・・・けど5秒くらいで興味が薄れるヒトタチ(笑)
Kaiya (by the ball)            Mato (in front)

I saw Kaiya lowered her body to get ready to chase after Mato and yes, it started.  But!!! This also ended after a 5 second sprint... :(

Kaiyaが構えたから追いかけっこ始まるのかと思ったけど これも一瞬で終わっちまった。
Kaiya (left)           Mato (right)

Looks like they were chatting something. ;)

なんか話してんのかしら あの2人。
Mato (left)             Kaiya (right)

Well, thanks again to the sun, I finally got some photos to show but the temperature was hands were freezing ;p

ってことで 太陽のおかげで写真撮れた〜 けどマイナスだったから手が冷たくなった〜(-.-;)


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