Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Tiny bit of quality time :)

I had to work from morning to late night today and the morning walk was the only quality time that I could spend with Kaiya.

I really envy daddy who's been with Kaiya whole day long... :(

Anyways, I had a little time to run around together and play with her in the morning.

今日 私は朝から夜遅くまで仕事だったので Kaiyaさんとの貴重な時間は朝の散歩くらいしかなかったぁ(ToT)


貴重な朝の散歩の時に少しだけ追っかけっこして 遊んだぁよぉ(^o^)

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  1. 鬼(犬)ごっこさいこ~!! KAIYA~!!