Saturday, September 26, 2015

Need a cuddling time with Kaiya!!!

I had to work pretty much whole day...I didn't have time to cuddle with Kaiya today :(

BUT! Somehow I woke up before my alarm went off.

I had extra time for the walk and did longer morning walk than usual :)

今日はほぼ一日中仕事で 全然Kaiyaとイチャイチャできなかったぁ〜(>_<)

でもなぜか今朝目覚ましなる前に目が覚めて いつもより全然長い朝散歩できた!(^^)

Kaiya!  Get up!  Let's go for a walk!!
Kaiya〜 起きてぇ〜 お散歩行くよぉ〜!

While I was at work, Kaiya and daddy were chilling on the sofa!

私が仕事してる間 Kaiyaさんはダディとソファでのほほ〜ん

Walk with daddy in the afternoon


Too nice to lie down here.,,she's refusing to go :p

のほほ〜んとしすぎて 行きたくなよぉ〜(笑)

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  1. ふむふむ のんびり出来た Kaiya~!!